General Book Formatting by Jennifer Amriss

Hate formatting?
Don’t know how?
Don’t have the time?
Not enough money to hire someone to do a professional job?

I’m your girl!

I offer professional quality Print, eBook, and Smashwords formatting for reasonable prices. I have the drive to make your books shine. A technophile, if I can’t find a way to make your vision a reality, I will often find the program that can, and teach myself how to use it at master level just to get your project done. And whether you need formatting for print, ebook or both, I will have your project completed beautifully, professionally, and fast.

This is something I love doing, and if I can give you more time to write and less tedium and headaches, I’ll be a happy camper.

Formatting Rates 

  • Amazon Sales Copy: $25 per book
  • eBook– $150 deposit + $0.001 per word
  • Boxed Set (if we formatted your ebooks)- $175 deposit + $0.001 per word
  • Boxed Set (if we are formatting all ebooks from scratch)- $175 deposit + $0.0018 per word
  • Formatting Bundle *Does not count toward boxed sets* (Need all formats—print, ebook, and Smashwords doc—at the same time?)- $300 deposit + $0.006 per word

In addition to creating professional e-books that are cleanly formatted and guaranteed to work on multiple devices, I offer:

  • Personalized service
  • Custom Design and Layout
  • Fixed cost (no wonky commissions or license snares)
  • Communication-I’m chained to a computer most days, so I provide quick and responsive answers to your questions, working together to make your ebook the best it can possibly be.
  • You will own the finished files.

Because each job is different, I’ll have to know exactly what you need before I can give you a precise quote.

Do not send me a file that has not been completely edited and is not ready for publication.

If you edit your manuscript after you have already sent me the file and it’s anything bigger than “hey, there’s a typo on page 37,” you will incur additional charges, up to and including the necessity for an entirely new contract, depending on how far I’ve made it through the job.

Upon signing the contract, I will send you an invoice for the required amount. The deposit is to be paid immediately to hold your appointment slot. The balance is due at the start of the job and is non-refundable unless it is determined by the formatter (me) that your manuscript is outside the scope of my capabilities, in which case all monies paid will be refunded. If your format runs over the limits as described within the contract, a new invoice will be generated for the amount equal to the extra work involved. This final fee is likewise non-refundable.

I thoroughly test all files before delivery, but in the event you run into problems, I will tweak files, within reason.  If you do something to try to edit the files that otherwise mucks up what I’ve done, you will incur additional charges for me to fix them.

Jennifer Amriss
General Formatter, The Forge, Book Finisher
Author, the Kings of Kal’brath Series