Proofreading/Ebook and Print Formatting by Lauralynn Elliott

Line Editing (Proofreading)

Thank you for considering me for your proofreading needs. If you allow me to proof your manuscript, I’ll go over it line by line, looking for any misspellings, wrong word usage, wrong punctuation, and other little things hard for an author to catch. When an author writes, the brain works faster than the fingers, so it’s easy to leave out words or use the word your fingers are most used to typing if it’s similar to the correct word. It’s just hard to proof your own work because you know what you MEANT to say.

I don’t make changes directly to your manuscript. It’s up to you to actually make changes to your work. I prefer to use the “track changes” option in Microsoft Word. Using the “comments” option can take much longer, but I can use that if you prefer. We can discuss other options if you would rather do it a different way. I’m flexible!

Here’s a little info:

  • My rates are $2 per 1,000 words, rounding up to the next 1,000. For instance, if your manuscript is 50,000 words, the price would be $100. If your manuscript is 49,388 words, it would be priced as a 50,000 word manuscript.
  • Depending on the size of your manuscript and how many changes need to be made, I will usually need from two to four weeks for a thorough read through, although sometimes it may take less time.
  • If you choose to allow me to proof your manuscript, we would sign a short contract. You would email your manuscript to me at At that time, I will send an invoice to your PayPal account for half of the service. After the proofreading is complete, I will send you an invoice for the rest of the payment.
  • Before you send your manuscript, we need to decide when I’ll be able to start on it. I might have another manuscript I’m working on at the time you are ready, and I’ll always be honest with you about when I can start. I won’t make promises just to get your business.
  • Any time you have questions about my suggestions, feel free to email me. There may be times where I might just have a suggestion and other times where I’m giving you a rigid grammar or punctuation rule. I’m always willing to discuss this.
  • I read in many genres, so I feel comfortable with almost any manuscript. I won’t proofread anything containing bestiality, child pornography, or hard core erotica. If I find your manuscript is something I feel I can’t read, I reserve the right to refuse. In this case, I would refund your payment.

I hope you’ll consider my services when you’re looking for a proofreader. My rates are below industry standards, but I would like to offer a service independent authors will be able to afford.

Ebook and Print Book Formatting

I can format your ebook and get it ready for publishing. I’ll make sure those pesky tables of content work properly. And even though ebooks are becoming more and more popular, some people still like the feel of a print book. And there’s nothing like holding your own book in your hand. If you would like to see your book in print, I can format that for you and send you a PDF file ready to upload to your retailer. A little info:

  • For short stories and novellas (up to 39,999 words) the price of an ebook is $30.00 and a print book is $40.00. If you want both, it is only $60.00. For novel length books (40,000 and up), the price is $40.00 for an ebook and $50.00 for a print book. For a combination of both, the price is only $75.00. If you want graphics in your chapter headings, which takes extra time, there will be a small additional charge. That can be discussed on a case by case basis.
  • We can discuss a discount if I also line edited the same book.
  • If any problems occur due to a formatting problem, I will fix it. I don’t foresee this happening, but it’s always possible.
  • If there is anything wonky with the formatting of the Word document you send me which causes me to have to strip all the formatting and start over, there could be additional charges. I can usually tell if something is wrong pretty quickly, so that can be discussed at the time.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form below or email me at