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Our business is to help you get past some of the barriers between finishing a draft and publishing or submitting a book. We do this by supplying services you can’t, don’t have time to, or simply don’t wish to tackle on your own. We are not a package deal, but independent contractors.  Feel free to pick and choose what you need, and Thank You for visiting The Forge Book Finishing.

Content Editing

Susan Bischoff, photo

The first Book Finisher you’re likely to need is our Content Editor, Susan Bischoff, aka, the Pink Hammer. That nickname started long ago in her critiquing relationship with former Finisher, Kait Nolan (now a RITA® Award Winning author!). Kait said that Susan’s frequent editorial comments, typed in pink within the manuscript, were like a little hammer in her brain. Later, recipients of Susan’s critiques, who found that she wasn’t shy about giving feedback, started to refer to the process as “getting Hammered.”

Susan will read your completed manuscript, looking at the big picture stuff like pacing and character arc. She will look for inconsistencies of characterization, voice, and point of view. She’ll also look for smaller, page by page issues of style and clarity, and give her “real-time” reactions as a reader within the text of your manuscript.

Susan is a long-time, avid reader, most familiar with Romance in many subgenres. She credits having read literally hundreds of romance novels (as well as other things, of course) as one reason why this type of work seems to come naturally. That, a talent for recognizing patterns, and a study of the craft of writing, have all contributed to certain instincts for story structure.  Among her inner circle of writer buddies, she is the go-to person for this type of critique.

Susan’s got some life experience which may come in handy on your project with a brow raise when things don’t sound quite right. She holds degrees in psychology and fashion design, of all things. She’s worked in the glamorous worlds of sweat shops, waitressing, and retail. She’s been a Marine Corps wife, and is mom to a child on the autism spectrum. She’s lived in New York (Hudson Valley and Western), Southern California, East Tennessee, and Okinawa, Japan. She’s lived city, country, small town, college, and on the beach.

Susan is the author of The Story Toolkit, a plotting workbook for writers. Outside of writing, she’s a sewing and knitting enthusiast, doll collector, obsessive quoter of movies and song lyrics, Whedonverse devotee, and Browncoat forever. 

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Proofreading/Ebook and Print Formatting

Secrets of the Wolf
Once you’ve finished the revisions outlined in your critique, you may decide to engage our next Book Finisher, Lauralynn Elliott. With an uncanny knack spotting oopsies that so many of us edit out as we read, Lauralynn will go over your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb and tease out typos, misspellings, grammar, and usage errors. She’s also a comma-nazi. She knows where they go and where they don’t go, so when she’s done, you will be properly punctuated. Her knowledge of grammar and punctuation, strong work ethic, attention to detail, and warm professionalism make her a joy to work with.

Lauralynn can format your ebook so it will be ready for uploading. This includes creating a table of contents that most retailers now require. And, if you would love the feeling of holding your own book in your hand, Lauralynn can format your book for print. She can send you a PDF file ready to upload. She will take pains to make sure your book will look its best as the pages are turned by you or your readers.

Lauralynn is the author of books in many genres including paranormal romance and horror. Outside of writing she is a wife, mother of two grown children, very active in her church, and works as an accounting director where her eye for detail is definitely an important asset. When she’s not doing all that (when does that happen?), she enjoys reading, playing computer games, cooking, gardening, and spending time with friends.

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